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Book Review: The Honduran Plot by Horton Prather

Sometimes heroism is an act of faith… Horton Prather’s The Honduran Plot is a political thriller that violates many of the conventions of the genre. The hero, Jake Grayson, is a college kid, a computer geek who has none of the … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson – Benign Anarchist…

“I am an Anti-Christ/I am an Anarchist…” – John Lydon  Joseph J. Ellis’s excellent study of the character of perhaps the most beloved and certainly the most enigmatic member of that group that we think of as the Founding Fathers, is … Continue reading

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The Further Updated 2014 Reading List

Well, as Sir Francis Bacon tells us, reading maketh a full person.. In spite of my avowal to finish my latest book and against the better judgment of my optometrist, yet again I’ve added to the 2014 reading list and the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Danger in Blackwater Swamp by Saundra Kelley

Suspense, yes…but an awful lot of thoughtful – and realistic – romance, too… Danger in Blackwater Swamp by Saundra Kelley is one of those interesting books that benefits from having an identity crisis. Its principle desire is, I think, to be a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fields of Gold by Jim Stephens

A historical romance that offers typical historical accuracy – and atypical romantic complications… Jim Stephens’ Fields of Gold is a long book – of course, it covers more than three decades in the central character’s life, so there’s that. This historical … Continue reading

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Paul Bowles’ The Sheltering Sky and the Issue of Near-Greatness

To paraphrase the philosopher, to be near-great may be to be misunderstood… This essay will no doubt illuminate some of my idiosyncrasies as a reader and writer. Anyone who has devoted him/herself to reading and writing whether as vocation (as … Continue reading

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Rich Tosches’ Zipping My Fly: Compilation Errors…

Sometimes a compilation reminds one that, to paraphrase Sesame Street, “Some of these things are not like the others…” The next book from the 2014 reading list was supposed to serve as a light refresher from my literary and “social/critical” reading … Continue reading

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