Jim Booth is Professor of English and Writing at the University of Maryland University College. He holds bachelor and master’s degrees from UNC-Greensboro and a doctorate in writing and the teaching of writing from the University at Albany (SUNY).

A former touring rock musician, Jim currently operates his own independent record label, Goat Boy Records.

Jim is a fiction writer and the author of The New Southern Gentleman (Wexford College Press, 2002), Morte D’Eden, or Tom Sawyer Meets the Rolling Stones (Beach House Books, 2003), and Completeness of the Soul: The Life and Opinions of Jay Breeze, Rock Star (Queen’s Ferry Press, 2012). Jim also serves as fiction/nonfiction editor for Scholars and Rogues Literary Journal.

Jim’s story “Fat Annie” was a Million Writers’ Awards notable story of 2003. His short story “Hog Killing” won the Tar River statewide competition in short fiction in NC in 1987. His novel The New Southern Gentleman was a Pulitzer Prize nominee. 

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  3. Marie Bragdon says:

    Great can’t wait to read the whole book

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