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Twilight of the gods: a musicologist considers the work of the Beatles…

(citing George Harrison describing Beatle music): “‘It’s true, but it’s still a joke…. It’s serious and it’s not serious.’ This seems to me perhaps the truest and most touching quality of Beatle music….” – Wilfrid Mellers Wilfrid Mellers was a … Continue reading

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Toward a geography of rock: part 2, the Northeast – art, money, and soul…

“Out of some subway scuttle, cell or loft A Bedlamite speeds to thy parapets, Tilting there momently, shrill shirt ballooning, A jest falls from the speechless caravan.” – Hart Crane (Read part 1 here) The Northeast, as any American knows, … Continue reading

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Hey Bulldog: John Lennon, rocker…

“I remember ‘Hey Bulldog’ as being one of John’s songs and I helped him finish it off in the studio, but it’s mainly his vibe. – Paul McCartney “Paul said we should do a real song in the studio, to … Continue reading

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