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Robert Spiller’s American Literature for Old Fogeys…

Robert E, Spiller’s classic of literary history, The Cycle of American Literature, still holds insights for the serious reader even though he occasionally creaks with quaintness… Pulled this wonderful old critical monograph on the history of American literature off the … Continue reading

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Guy de Maupassant and the Pain of Brevity…

How strange and changeful is life! How small a thing is needed to make or ruin us! – Guy de Maupassant, “The Necklace” There must have been something in the water. If one considers some of the great short story … Continue reading

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The Judgment of Paris and the Rise of Impressionism…

“Time gives every human being his true value.” – Ernest Meissonier Unless you are a student of art history, you have probably never heard of the author of the quote above, Ernest Meissonier. At the time of Ross King’s history … Continue reading

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