George Harrison’s Birthday…

George Harrison’s 72nd birthday…a bittersweet reminder that All Things Must Pass…

George Harrison (image courtesy Wikimedia)

In many ways it’s pointless to write or say much more about The Beatles. They remain, despite revisionist rock historians’ best efforts, rock music’s most important band. Arguments about their merits as solo artists follow similar paths. John is better because he was truest to rock and roll’s founding principles. Paul made what Dave Marsh once called “the Decision for Pop” because he wanted to be loved. Ringo was – well, Ringo was better than anyone expected but still the luckiest sod in musical history.

Then there is George. Known during the Fab Years as “the quiet Beatle,” his release from what had become for him the prison of being a Beatle led to a creative outburst and the best of all Beatle solo efforts, the magnificent All Things Must Pass. Many critics think George had the best solo career of any former Beatle. I think Paul has done so but then, I’m his buddy.

On to the music…

I have written about my favorite group on many occasions and about George individually on others. I’ve even written about his ex-wife. I really don’t have a lot more to say. So I thought I’d simply share three George tunes that continue to give me pleasure as I move closer to meeting the Quiet One…

First, a neglected gem from his days as a Beatle:

Then, given George’s love of the ukelele, which he shared with his bandmates, this gem from the Anthology series:

Finally, George’s reminder about fleeting nature of life –  a message I need to hear more and more often, it seems:

Hope it was a great birthday, George. Say hello to Elvis and Buddy and John and Jimi and Janis and Brian and Ox and Keith and Bonzo and Joey, Dee Dee, et alia, and – oh, everybody….



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