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The Venereal Game: or, You Don’t Have a Dirty Mind, Do You…?

James Lipton’s book on venery is about as much fun as one can have with words. I’m back to the 2014 reading list with a book I picked up at my favorite used book shop – this one about as … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jupiter and Gilgamesh: a Novel of Sumeria and Texas by Scott Archer Jones

Jupiter and Gilgamesh is a story about life decisions – good, bad, and inexplicable – and how those decisions add up ultimately to – a life well lived… I have an empathetic affinity for the genesis of Scott Archer Jones’s … Continue reading

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Book Review: Throwing the house from the window by Joshua William Booth…

Poems that occasionally challenge readers…the “trigger warning” excuses can begin in 3…2…1…. A couple of things will become obvious quickly for readers of this review. The first is that the reviewer has the same last name as the author being reviewed. … Continue reading

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There is no “Greatest Short Story of All Time…”

There is no “greatest” short story. There are only great short stories and great writers… It’s wonderful to know literature. It’s great to have favorite writers. It’s even enjoyable to argue about who our best writers are, what their greatest … Continue reading

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Sinclair Lewis Imagines American Dictatorship: It Can’t Happen Here…Can It…?

“More and more, as I think about history…I am convinced that everything that is worthwhile in the world has been accomplished by the free, inquiring, critical spirit, and that the preservation of this spirit is more important than any social … Continue reading

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