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What would Mozart say…?

I’m currently engrossed in Howard Zinn’s wonderful but lengthy A People’s History of the United States. For those who might actually check  the 2013 reading list I go on about with each of these reviews, you’ll note that the Zinn book is not on that list. … Continue reading

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The hope of a rising trout…

“Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” ~ Henry  David Thoreau I am asked frequently why I do not write about fly fishing since it is a sport I love deeply and … Continue reading

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Into the west…

The latest book from the 2013 reading list is another regional anthology.  Eccentricities of Geography is a compilation of literary fiction, essays, and poetry edited by Teresa Milbrodt a talented “fictioneer,” as she calls herself, and published by Western Press. The previous … Continue reading

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What color is your music?

On the wall in my studio (which serves me for both music making and writing) I have a huge dry mount poster of The Beatles. This is no surprise for those who know me – but why I love that particular … Continue reading

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Enchantment might be overrated…

  The latest from the 2013 reading list: a work by a writer I have felt guilty for not having read enough of, Salman Rushdie. Rather than one of the obvious choices like Midnight’s Children or The Satanic Verses (which I … Continue reading

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