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If everything is possible, is anything possible…?

As promised earlier this week, this book review from my 2013 reading list looks at Professor Arthur C. Danto’s series of lectures on fine art (part of the Mellon series), Contemporary Art and the Pale of History, published as part of the Bollingen Series … Continue reading

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Postmodernist Xerism at its most discontentedly hopeful…

Another “now appearing in relief” review here as I finish the complex and engrossing After the End of Art by Arthur C. Danto –  a book that I will review this weekend and that is proving in its reading that … Continue reading

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Stretch Yourself

Here’s a great piece by my wife, the artist Lea Booth who has a nice site you all might enjoy… Stretch Yourself.

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Uncertainties and certainties…

Maira Kalman’s collage/slam book/illustrated diary The Principles of Uncertainty probably deserves better than it’s going to get here. This latest completed read from my 2013 reading list has put-up job written (and drawn) all over it. While this book has charm, it also … Continue reading

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Beautifully horrible, horribly beautiful…

A quick turnaround with the next book from the 2013 reading list. This time I ventured into a new area: picture books. No, I haven’t decided to re-read The Runaway Bunny or The Cat in the Hat (although they’re both very … Continue reading

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Articles of faith…

I returned to the history genre for the next book in the 2013 reading list – or so I thought. The Road to Salem is a “constructed” memoir – historian and archivist Adelaide Fries (a descendant of the original Moravian … Continue reading

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