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Hemingway: the writer and “the writer…”

It’s almost impossible to write about Ernest Hemingway. He was such a caricature – a caricature of his own creation, mind you, both as the writer and as “The Writer” – that trying to write about his work or his … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Land of Eden – Chapter 9 – The Era of Good Feeling

The Era of Good Feeling This is a hard story to write. There is so much that should be said about 4th grade – and yet it feels almost impossible to know what to say. How does one describe a … Continue reading

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Mountain Memoirs, An Ashe County Anthology: Love Letters to a Place…

Back to the 2013 reading list with this entry – an anthology put together by the local writer’s group, the Wordkeepers, where I live: Ashe County, North Carolina. The book, Mountain Memoirs: An Ashe County Anthology is just that – an anthology. So … Continue reading

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Ms. Bronte, meet Ms. Austen…

“I could only conclude that excessive vanity, like drunkenness, hardens the heart,enslaves the faculties, and perverts the feelings, and that dogs are not the only creatures which, when gorged to the throat, will yet gloat over what they cannot devour.” … Continue reading

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The Shadowbox of Poetry…

“If the father of criticism [Aristotle] has rightly denominated poetry . . . an imitative art, these writers will, without great wrong, lose their right to the name of poets, for they cannot be said to have imitated anything; they neither … Continue reading

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James Joyce and the beginning of something…

My next book in the 2013 reading list is James Joyce’s classic first book of stories, Dubliners. I had read several of the stories both as a student and in teaching high school and college. “Clay,” “Araby,” “Eveline,” and “The … Continue reading

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Messiahs, Scapegoats, and Taboos, oh my…

I am behind on reporting on my reading list for 2013 – for that, I apologize, but what that does mean is that you’ll see at least two and probably three new blog posts this week as I catch you … Continue reading

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