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When an author no longer loves a character…

(The World’s Greatest Consulting Detective. Source: Wikimedia) In my quest to complete my 2013 reading list, I’ve finished another book. This one, The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, was a romp, of course, and I raced through it much more … Continue reading

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Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation: Why You Don’t See Pilgrims at the Movies

(Theatrical Release Poster from Wikimedia) I saw (for the second time) Terence Malick’s The New World Friday night. It’s a strange and engrossing movie, what one critic calls a “tone poem” about the founding of the Jamestown settlement. Part history, part … Continue reading

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Southern Rock Stardom,Postmodernism, and The Persistence of Memory

Here’s a re-post from Melinda McGuire’s wonderful literary blog, Southern Creatives.  This will give you some insight into the creative impetus behind my latest novel, Completeness of the Soul: The Life and Opinions of Jay Breeze, Rock Star. Enjoy… Southern … Continue reading

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Reading in 2013…

Like you, I have my moments of acquiescing to the typical sorts of things people do at the New Year. Rather than make resolutions (“I’ll write 5 pages a day” -“I’ll complete two book manuscripts this year” – etc., ad … Continue reading

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